WEBABY Universal Raw Beech Co-Sleeping Crib

Co-sleeping cribs

The co-sleeping crib is your best ally to be with your baby during his first nights at home.

Comfortably installed right next to you, you can watch over his sleep, feed him without having to get up and share these moments of softness with him.

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With their dimensions adapted to newborns and their small safety barrier, co-sleeping cribs allow you to place baby close to you for co-sleeping.

Fixed or evolving, the wooden co-sleeping cribs are easy to maintain and respectful of the environment and baby’s health.

Adaptable to the parents’ bed.

Thanks to their adjustable heights, co-sleeping cribs can be adapted to most adult beds. They are equipped with a low barrier to be used when co-sleeping and a high barrier to be installed when baby sleeps alone. These rails are easily interchangeable, with or without tools depending on the model.

For co-sleeping, safety first.

With their adapted side rails and their system of fixing without drilling to the parents’ bed, the AT4 co-sleeping cribs guarantee perfect safety for your baby’s sleep.

Cradles that grow and last.

Cradles and co-sleeping cribs often have a rather short lifespan, as baby can no longer sleep in them as soon as he can sit up on his own.

Fortunately, at AT4, we have designed evolving wooden cododos. They can be transformed at the child’s pace to be useful throughout his or her growth. Five functions in one for these clever pieces of furniture can be used as a cradle or co-sleeping crib for baby’s first few months, then they transform into a toy chest, a bench or even a junior desk depending on the child’s needs. A variety of functions to accompany the child throughout its growth.


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