WEBABY High Chair

Meal time

To grow well, they have to eat well…
And to eat well, they have to be comfortable!
Our customizable high chairs meet the needs of every family : whether folding, stylish or convertible, they provide for safe, stable and ergonomic meal times for your baby!

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As your baby gradually gives up breast milk or bottle feeding and gradually discovers solid food, he needs a good chair to eat in comfort.

To ensure that your baby’s meals go smoothly and that he or she gets the most out of these new discoveries, highchairs must offer good back support, comfortable seating and absolute safety. Stability and hygiene are the key words for the AT4 high chairs.

AT4 high chairs can be adapted to accompany babies and children for a long time. At worktop height, at dining table height or at coffee table height, with or without a shelf, they adapt to all kitchens and all ages of baby.

Highchairs with a careful design.

Because the highchair will be part of your daily life for many years, we take particular care with its design.
Contemporary, original, practical and varied, you are bound to find a model to suit your kitchen and its decoration.

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