ESSENTIEL Varnished Beech Changing Tray

Bath time

For clean and beautiful babies…
Make the very most of these special moments with your little one.
Bath time is for relaxation, frolicking and bonding between babies and parents. We not only wash, but splash, smile, chat and giggle!
Our folding, wall-mounted, mobile and expandable changing tables are not just made for the bathroom – they’re perfect for every room and situation!

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For changing babies in every room of the house :

AT4 offers a wide range of changing surfaces, changing tables and changing furniture that adapt to the needs of each family and each space in the house or flat.

Changing tables are ideal for small spaces as they can be installed directly on the baby’s bed. They take up a minimum of space because they can then be stored under the bed!

Wall-mounted or folding changing tables have also been developed to offer innovative and economical space-saving solutions. They can be easily and discreetly installed in bathrooms, bedrooms or even in wardrobes around the house.

And if you want to combine washing with storage, changing units and chests of drawers are also available in the AT4 collections.
With doors or drawers, they offer beautiful storage space that is always at hand for changing your baby safely.

What’s more, their removable changing surfaces mean that they can be used for a long time, even when your baby is no longer wearing nappies!

And even solutions for baby bath time.

Because the family bathtub is often far too big for baby and because it is not easy to wash baby in a shower, AT4 has also developed a range of changing tables with a bathtub.

Compact, easy to move and practical for everyday use, the retractable changing tables with bathtub allow baby to be bathed even in unsuitable bathrooms.

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