ESSENTIEL Varnished Beech Changing Tray

Changing tables

The changing table is a must-have for preparing for baby’s arrival.

Practical and with plenty of storage space, it can be installed wherever it is needed : the baby’s room, the parents’ room or the bathroom.

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Indispensable for washing, changing or simply dressing your baby, there are various models of changing tables.

Wooden changing tables.

Perfect for small rooms, the removable changing tables are adapted to the dimensions of baby’s beds 60x120cm or 70x140cm and are placed on top. The changing table is installed while baby is being groomed and then slipped under the bed when it is no longer needed. This is an extremely economical solution and saves a lot of space in the baby’s room.

Changing tables with shelves.

With 1, 2 or 3 shelves, wooden changing tables offer large storage spaces that are accessible at all times. Their dimensions correspond to those of the changing mat. They are therefore space-saving and can be easily and permanently installed in any room in the house.

Wall-mounted or folding wooden changing tables.

This is the space-saving trick par excellence. The wall-mounted changing table can be fixed to the wall wherever you need it, in the bedroom, the bathroom and even in the living room. And because it folds up, once closed it becomes extremely discreet and space-saving. You open it while you use it. Its shelves hide everything you need to change your baby. And then you just have to fold the table away.

Wooden folding tables, on the other hand, can be placed in a cupboard, behind a piece of furniture, and can be set up wherever you need them.

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