WEBABY Expandable Raw Beech & Grey Safety Gate

Safety gates

To limit your baby’s access to certain areas of the house or to secure a staircase, a child safety gate is a useful and practical piece of equipment.

Once installed, it perfectly delimits the rooms to which your child has access and thus limits the risks of falling or having a domestic accident

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Wooden safety gates are the perfect way to keep your baby safe and mobile. They can be installed to limit access to dangerous areas (kitchen, stairs, laundry room, chimney, etc.) and thus allow your child to explore his world in complete safety.

Extendable barrier or firewall.

To delimit a space in a room or to secure access to a staircase, extendable safety barriers are suitable for all situations. To cut through a single doorway or for openings up to 152cm, they slide and adjust according to your needs.

Fire barriers can be installed around the fireplace or wood-burning stove to limit access to small children. Firewalls are often upgradeable to a park and are practical and can be used all year round.

Wood for safety and aesthetics.

If safety gates have a practical function, wooden gates can be installed in any room of the house. Their careful design allows them to blend in perfectly with your interior decoration.

Practical and easy to use.

The AT4 safety gates can be firmly fixed to the wall for a removable installation or as a gate. And because we know that parents always have their hands full, they can be opened and closed with one hand.

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