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Product information

ESSENTIAL or COMFORT co-sleeping, how to choose?
The ESSENTIEL (reference 6231X101 01) and CONFORT (reference 6234XX01 01) co-sleeping cradles have common aspects, but also differences:
– They are both scalable and durable over time because they can be transformed into a desk, toy box and junior bench
– Both have a high barrier (cradle version) and a low barrier (co-sleeping version) BUT, on the ESSENTIEL model, these two barriers are interchangeable using a tool (small key provided), whereas on the model COMFORT, they are interchangeable thanks to small levers. The manipulation then only takes 5 to 10 seconds.
This is an important detail if the crib is your baby's only bedding during his or her first months because the large rail must be used every time the baby sleeps without his or her parents in the adjacent bed.
– The design also varies greatly. The aesthetic is very different, you can see it in the visuals available on our site.

I have an old model AT4 but I lost some parts. Is it possible to order them from you?
It would be a real shame to replace a piece of furniture that is only missing a few pieces.
With ecological concerns for our planet and ecological concerns for our customers, we try to extend the lifespan of our furniture.
For this, we offer the sale of spare parts, screws and/or wooden elements.
These elements are available in the section Detached pieces from our site and if you cannot directly find the part you want, you can also contact our Customer Service specifying that your request concerns “a need for spare parts for a used item”.

Commercial Questions

Can you deliver internationally?
From our site, delivery is possible in several European countries: Metropolitan France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Delivery in Metropolitan France is free from 50€ of purchase.
For international deliveries, a contribution to the shipping costs is applied directly to your basket as soon as you enter your address.

My product is incomplete, damaged or does not suit me, what should I do?
Contact us via the online form available here:
We will process your request depending on the case:

  • If the parts have a defect or are missing, our after-sales service will intervene.
  • If the parts were damaged during transport and the necessary reservations were made by you to the carrier upon delivery, our after-sales service will replace them.
  • If you have not indicated that the package was damaged upon receipt, we may offer you paid parts to complete your product.

I don't want to buy online. Where can I get your products in store?
We are listed with most national brands. Contact us to arrange delivery via one of our distributors.

How to get an invoice?
On simple request by completing the online form available here: