WEBABY Stationary Raw Beech Playpen


Your baby is slowly growing and can now move around on his own. By crawling or walking, he explores the world around him by grabbing everything that comes within his reach.

A great adventure that requires the greatest attention from parents.

With baby parks, parents can put baby in a safe place to sleep, play or be active when they are busy.

Practical and reassuring, the playpen also becomes a beautiful decorative element in the baby’s room or in the living room.

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The wooden playpen is baby’s best friend when it comes to learning how to move around. It is comfortable and safe with all its little things.

The wooden playpen is a beautiful playground.

Comfortably installed in its playpen, baby is surrounded by its toys, books and soft toys. He can explore his objects, his own little world without being confronted with domestic dangers. You can have peace of mind while taking a shower or preparing a meal, baby is safe.

One playpen, several possibilities.

There are several sizes of wooden playpens. The fixed rectangular or square playpens can be adapted to the space available in the room and always offer a large play area for baby. The bottom of the AT4 playpens is also adjustable in 3 heights for better ergonomics.

The folding playpen is a space-saving solution for small spaces. You can open and close it according to the time of day and baby’s needs. And when you don’t need it anymore, you can simply fold it up and slide it behind the sofa or under the stairs. It can also be easily transported for holidays or for a weekend at grandma and grandpa’s!

Finally, the evolving playpen is an AT4 innovation. It can be transformed, opening up to become a real little hut for baby when he is older and used to moving around the house on his own. A novelty that considerably extends the duration of use of this piece of furniture for a durable purchase.

Essential safety criteria.

Because we take the safety of our little ones very seriously, all our playpens comply with the NF and EN standards in force. The height and spacing of the bars, the locking system and the stability of the playpen are checked, tested and comply with the regulations. The different heights of the playpen must also be used in accordance with the instructions: the bottom of the playpen must be installed in a low position as soon as baby can sit up on his own to prevent him from climbing over the sides of the playpen.

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