ESSENTIEL Varnished Beech Changing Table with Baby Bath


When preparing the house for the arrival of a baby, the question of bathing and washing inevitably arises. The bathtubs in our homes are not adapted to the size of babies and most flats only have a shower, which is not at all practical for bathing babies.

This is why AT4 has developed a range of changing tables with an integrated bathtub. A practical and space-saving solution for baby’s toilet.

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In the bathroom, you need a changing table to change your baby and a bathtub to wash him. These two very useful elements are combined in the changing tables with bathtub from AT4.


The changing table with bathtub, a space-saving trick in the bathroom.

The wooden changing tables with bathtub are perfect for bathing your baby in a small bathtub that is well adapted to his size and for drying, dressing and caring for him immediately after he gets out of the water. Thanks to their retractable system, the bathtub can be stored under the changing table when the bath is over. A practical, ergonomic and space-saving solution for everyday use.

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