WEBABY Stationary Raw Beech Playpen

Safety for little explorers

Enjoy peace of mind while baby plays…
Whether crawling, wriggling, lunging or running, your little one loves to discover the world – and sometimes wants to go where no baby has gone before!
Our safety gates therefore adapt to all situations, giving your child the freedom to explore the house without getting hurt.

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AT4 wooden playpens for everyday play

When baby is very small, when he starts to roll over, to sit up, to crawl, to grab everything that comes within reach of his little hands, you can place him safely in a playpen. Rectangular or square, the fixed playpens, folding playpens or evolving playpens developed by AT4 are both aesthetic, practical and safe.

Wooden safety gates protect access to stairs

Stairwells are particularly dangerous and must be secured, both on the ground floor and on the upper floor. AT4 safety gates are available in various sizes and are expandable. This means that they can be adapted to all staircase widths and can be easily fixed at the top and bottom for safety on all floors.

These barriers can also be used to delimit certain areas of the house. They can be used to close off access to the kitchen for example. Or to divide a room into two areas. AT4 safety gates can be extended up to 152cm, a particularly large dimension that can be used to close off wide accesses.

Fire barriers protect baby from the chimney

Fire barriers are designed to secure the area around wood burning stoves and fireplaces. They are often scalable and can be used at any time of the year and according to the child’s motor skills.

Bed rails make baby’s nights safe when he or she starts to have a big bed.

AT4 has also thought of children who are big enough to have beds without the high barriers and has designed low bed barriers that prevent falls when leaving the cot for a big bed.

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