ESSENTIEL Raw Beech Crib

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Now that baby has arrived home, he will need a cosy little nest to sleep in.

Whether for a nap or for the night, the wooden cradle is a healthy and reassuring bed.

The cradle is suitable for babies who are not yet sitting up. The small size of the cradle is perfectly adapted to the body of the newborn and allows it to be installed in the baby’s room as well as in the parents’ room.

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In order to grow up well, babies need to sleep a lot. He spends several hours a day sleeping, as good sleep is absolutely essential for his development. Your child’s sleeping comfort is therefore essential to his well-being.

For a peaceful night’s sleep, choose a small cradle that creates a soft cocoon around baby. Cradles are reassuring and cosy and there are many models available.


Wooden cradles with wheels.

Generally 40×80 cm in size, cradles on wheels can be easily moved from one room to another. A nomadic use in the house to put baby to sleep wherever you want according to the time of the day!


Wooden rocking cradles.

They allow you to gently rock baby to sleep. A gentle rocking movement that soothes baby and helps him to fall asleep in his cot.


Ergonomic cradles.

If their dimensions are perfectly adapted to infants, they are also perfectly adapted to parents. By placing baby high up, the cradle allows baby to be picked up or put down comfortably while preserving the parents’ back.


AT4 has developed a wide range of wooden cradles. Their original and neat design will also make them an important part of the decoration in the baby’s room. You can also discover our models of co-sleeping cribs or baby beds 60x120cm as well as bed linen for baby’s sleep.

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