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The choice of decoration is very important for the baby’s room. It is thanks to it that you will be able to create the little universe you dream of for your baby. A comfortable, warm and welcoming cocoon so that baby feels at home from the moment he or she joins the family.

Once the cot, chest of drawers and wardrobe have been chosen, all that’s left to do is to fine-tune the decoration and storage of the baby’s room. The little hooks on the wall, the bed drawer, the toy chest and the small textiles warm up the room and make the room really welcoming.

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To complete the storage in the room.

Small clothes racks, wall hooks and crib drawers are a great addition to the storage space in a baby’s room. They can be used to store out-of-season clothes, daytime outfits or toys for the night.

Within easy reach of the little ones, they also help them learn to be independent thanks to their size, which is adapted to the youngest.

And for a personalised decoration.

To hang a garland or a pretty textile, to liven up a colourful wall or to place a beautiful frame, coat hooks and shelves are particularly useful in a baby’s room.

Because a pretty room also means pretty textiles.

We have selected a beautiful range of baby bed linen.
Sleeping bags, bumper pads, sheets, decorative braids, soft materials, trendy and soothing colours, everything is there to coordinate the bed with the decoration of the baby’s room.

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