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Baby's Bedroom

If there is no miracle recipe for getting baby to sleep, it is a safe bet that going to bed in a nice, tidy room with a soft, soothing decor can only help baby fall asleep.

The bedroom is a privileged space for tender cuddles and evening stories. It is essential for baby’s rest but also for his development.

It is proven that to grow well, you need to sleep well.

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Wooden cots that adapt to all your needs and desires

AT4 has developed a wide range of wooden baby beds that are comfortable, aesthetic and safe.
For perfect ventilation of the mattress and optimal sleeping comfort, all AT4 beds are equipped with a beechwood slatted base. And because we take care of the adults who pamper the babies, the slats are also adjustable to 2 or 3 heights (depending on the model).

AT4’s wooden cots offer a wide range of choices and meet all your needs to put your baby to sleep in the best possible conditions: cribs, co-sleepers, fixed beds, sliding beds, folding beds or evolutionary beds.

Wooden changing furniture and storage units for a well-ordered and soothing bedroom

To change baby comfortably and to store all his little things, AT4 has created a wide range of changing furniture and practical storage units that will help you in your baby’s room.

Wardrobes with hanging space and shelves, clothes racks adapted to the smallest, drawers that slide under the baby’s bed and even wooden toy boxes. Everything is designed to easily store all of baby’s little things.


A soft and welcoming baby room…

From decorative accessories to mattresses and bed linen, AT4 offers a whole range of articles to create a soft and warm atmosphere in baby’s room.

Bringing colour, little decorative touches and improving baby’s comfort will be a breeze thanks to our special selection.


AT4 - a large selection of quality furniture, decoration and accessories for baby's daily needs