Confort 60 x 120 cm mattress


During his first year, baby sleeps most of the day (more than 17 hours a day!). Under these conditions, it is easy to understand the importance of the quality of the bedding for baby’s development.

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The quality of the slatted base is particularly important for baby’s sleep and comfort. That’s why our 60x120cm cots and 70x140cm cots are equipped with real beechwood slatted bases.

Even if we are manufacturers of wooden furniture, to simplify your life and the preparation of your baby’s room, we have also selected a whole range of quality mattresses for your baby to spend peaceful nights.

Discover all our mattresses for 60×120 and 70×140 cots

Traditional, thermo-regulating or removable mattresses, the mattresses selected by AT4 are available in two sizes: mattresses for cots 60x120cm and mattresses for cots 70x140cm to fit all our cots.

You are bound to find a baby mattress that fully meets the needs of your child and you can offer him/her the guarantees of comfort, hygiene and support for a restful sleep and therefore days full of energy.

Respectful of your baby’s health.
The mattresses selected by AT4 are available in two sizes and three sleeping qualities. They are guaranteed for 3 years by the manufacturer and comply with EN and FR standards.

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