WEBABY Folding Varnished Beech and Grey Playpen

Folding playpens

In square or rectangular format, the folding wooden playpen is a really practical space-saving solution for families living in a small home.

It opens and closes as you need it and provides a great space for baby to play and learn.

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The folding wooden playpens are suitable for all interiors. They take up little space when baby doesn’t need them, and can be installed in no time at all to safely accommodate his playthings.

Different sizes for all interiors.

The fixed wooden playpens come in two sizes: rectangular or square. They can be adapted to the space available in your home while offering a large play area for the children. Often equipped with wheels, they can also be moved from one room to another so that baby is always in good company.

A space-saving solution.

The wooden folding playpen is a real asset for small homes. It can be opened and closed according to the time of day and your needs with baby. Once folded, it can be tucked away in a discreet corner, behind a piece of furniture or in a cupboard, thus freeing up space in the house.

With its easy folding system, it can also be taken on holiday or on family weekend trips.

A robust and durable folding playpen.

The AT4 wooden folding playpens are cleverly designed to be durable and long-lasting for baby, siblings and even several generations. And best of all, they are fully recyclable.

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