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High chairs

When baby starts to eat meals like a grown-up, he needs a real high chair to enjoy his meals with his family.

With their shelf and adapted height, highchairs are perfect for sitting at the table and sharing this good moment all together.

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When baby is old enough to sit up, he can go into a high chair. He can eat on the same table as the family or just on his own little shelf in front of him.

Wooden high chairs

To learn to eat like the grown-ups, baby sits with his family and learns by observing and imitating. Comfortably seated in his high chair, he can reach out with his hands and discover the food. The tray of the highchair is very easy to clean, with a sponge or even in the dishwasher. An important detail for baby’s hygiene.

Wood, a robust and durable material.

Wooden high chairs are both easy to care for and very durable. Often made of solid wood, they can be used for several children and even generations.

For a safe and comfortable seat.

AT4 high chairs always comply with the standards and are guaranteed for 2 years. They all have a certificate of conformity and are tested by independent laboratories so that baby can settle in safely.

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