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Changing tables

In the baby’s room, to change baby in a comfortable and safe way, wooden furniture or changing tables are the most suitable furniture.

Indeed, with their large storage spaces always within reach (doors, drawers or niches), they allow you to change baby in complete safety.

Their adapted height has been thought out for the ergonomics of use and to preserve the health of the parents’ back.

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At AT4, most of the changing surfaces on our furniture and dressers are removable. This means that when your baby grows up and no longer needs to be changed, you can simply remove the changing table and you will have a piece of furniture or a chest of drawers that is fully integrated into your child’s room.
An economical, practical and durable solution for this evolving furniture.

Wooden furniture with an original design.

At AT4, you will find a wide selection of wooden changing units and chests of drawers in different decorative styles. With doors, drawers, contemporary, Scandinavian, vintage, romantic, natural, classic or coloured, you will inevitably find the design that corresponds to the decoration of your baby’s room and to your budget !

Respectful of your baby’s health.

For even more freedom and possibilities in the decoration of the baby’s room, AT4 offers changing furniture in a variety of colours. Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and we use acrylic (water-based) paints and varnishes to respect the environment and your baby’s health.

In addition to solid wood, AT4 uses only E1 quality particleboard and fibreboard, with very low formaldehyde emissions.

Always conforming to EN and FR standards and guaranteed for 2 years, AT4 changing tables will find their place in your baby’s room while creating a small, well-ordered cocoon of softness.

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Decorative ideas, space-saving tips, original designs, soft and soothing lines, our collections of wooden chests of drawers will adapt to all situations and to all your decorating desires to prepare baby’s room.

With AT4, the cosy little nest is almost ready…

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