WEBABY Stationary Raw Beech Playpen


When baby starts to move around on his own, and even before that so that he is not on the floor, parents often choose to put him in a playpen.

With its adjustable bottom, the fixed playpen is a practical and comfortable solution for baby to play in complete safety.

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The playpen is a safe and practical space for baby to develop at his own pace. Their height-adjustable bottoms adapt to the different stages of mobility of the child and allow a really ergonomic use for the parents.

A comfortable size.

The square playpens have a large and comfortable play area so that baby can enjoy the space and play comfortably and safely.

Stylishly designed playpens.

Most of the time, the playpen is installed in the main room of the house to welcome baby at any time of the day without isolating him from the family. This is why the AT4 and Jurababy wooden playpens all have a neat and elegant design that will fit in perfectly with your interior decoration.

Wood, a healthy and durable material.

AT4 playpens are made of wood and the paint and varnish used to finish them are water-based. Healthy materials for baby, recyclable and sustainable for our planet.

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