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The AT4 wooden cradles are small beds specially designed for newborns.

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Scandinavian-inspired baby cradles with an adapted design.

The reduced dimensions of AT4’s wooden cradles are particularly adapted to the size of babies as soon as they leave the maternity ward. Indeed, they are reassuring because they recall the promiscuity of mother’s womb. Moreover, they can be installed in different rooms of the house so that baby is always close to his parents: in his little room, in the parents’ room or even in the living room at nap time.

And thanks to the warmth of wood and AT4 finishes, the cradles can be integrated into beautiful Scandinavian or bohemian decorations in a soft and serene way.

Wooden cradles can be very useful for baby’s sleep.

Rocking cradles and rolling cradles have a gentle, relaxing movement that rocks and soothes baby to sleep.

A wooden baby cradle can also be a co-sleeping crib

Cradle-cosleep are attached to the parents’ bed with adjustable straps and allow the baby to be fed or comforted throughout the night without having to get up. They are then equipped with a small additional barrier to avoid any risk for baby to end up in the parents’ big bed.

And a cradle can also evolve!

Because the use of the cradle remains very limited in time, AT4 has developed several models of evolutionary cradles. Thanks to their clever design, their structure can be transformed into a cododo, a toy box, a bench or even a junior desk. 5-in-1 cradles that accompany your child from birth to around 7 years old.

And respectful of your baby’s health.

At AT4, the wood used in the manufacture of our cribs comes from sustainably managed forests and we use acrylic paints and varnishes (water-based) in order to respect the environment and the health of your little one.

Always conforming to standards and guaranteed for 2 years, AT4 cradles all have a certificate of conformity and are tested by independent laboratories before being marketed to welcome baby in a little cocoon of softness and safety.

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