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Learning towers

When your child grows up, he or she discovers the world at your side. They like to learn new things, to watch how adults do things, to imitate, to reproduce, to try things out themselves.

With the Montessori inspired observation towers, your child can do all these experiments with you and in complete safety. He can sit at the right height and cook, draw, wash his hands like a grown-up!

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The Montessori inspired learning tower will quickly become your child’s best friend. Thanks to it, your child can sit alone at the right height to take part in new activities and learn while having fun.

In the bathroom or in the kitchen, the observation tower can be installed anywhere.

In everyday life, the learning tower can really be used on many occasions. In the bathroom, your child can set it up at the sink and learn to wash by himself. He will be at the right height to brush his teeth or his hands, to see himself in the mirror to do his hair in the morning.
In the kitchen, he will also be able to sit safely at the worktop and discover the joys of baking or cooking with his parents.

A wooden learning tower with adapted dimensions.

Lightweight and easy to handle, the wooden structure of our wooden observation towers are ideal for being moved easily from one room to another according to the child’s needs.
With their height-adjustable level, they can be adapted to the child’s height and to the work surfaces of the whole house.

Stable and safe furniture.

With their wide base and barriers on all four sides, the observation towers guarantee perfect safety for the children who use them and avoid the risk of falling.

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