WEBABY Expandable Raw Beech & Grey Safety Gate


Extendable or ultra-extendable, AT4 security gates have an adjustable system that allows them to adapt to openings ranging from 73 to 110cm and even 152cm depending on the model. A really important amplitude to close or secure all the spaces of the house.

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With wooden safety gates, baby can move around the house, standing or crawling, but above all in complete safety because dangerous areas will not be accessible to him.


Wooden safety gates are designed to adapt to all situations and to secure all areas of the house.
Whether it’s to delimit a room or secure a staircase, their sliding ladder system allows you to adjust their length up to 152cm.


Easy to install and with a soft design, they fit very well in the different rooms of the house and can be opened and closed with one hand while guaranteeing perfect safety for the youngest.

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