ESSENTIEL Raw Beech Bed Gate

Cot gates

When your child moves from his or her cot to a big bed, the nights can get a little hectic. Since your child is not used to a bed without side protection, there is a risk of falling out.

Wooden bed rails offer optimum safety and essential sleeping comfort for your child.

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A small furnishing accessory, the bed rail is an essential element in securing your child’s bedroom.

The bed rail is easy to use.

Installed between the mattress and the bed base, the bed rail is very easy to put in place, without the need for any permanent fixings. It secures the baby’s bed and reassures him at the age when he has to go to a big bed.

A mobile bed rail.

Some crib rails are very easy to move around and can be taken on holiday or for the weekend. Your child will be able to sleep without the risk of falling out of whatever bed he or she is using.

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