WEBABY High Chair

Convertible chairs

They are suitable for all situations and all table heights.

Evolving wooden highchairs accompany your baby throughout his childhood.

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If you want to buy something that will last for a long time, then progressive highchairs are really interesting. They follow the growth of children and can be adapted to any interior. A clever piece of furniture for versatile use.

Ergonomic and practical.

The adjustable heights of the wooden evolving high chairs make them comfortable for both babies and parents.

They adapt to different table heights so that baby can eat with the rest of the family and their removable table top is very practical for seating baby comfortably.

They are also hygienic as they can be easily cleaned with a sponge. Some plastic shelves are even dishwasher safe.

The evolving chairs, a durable solution.

Because they can accompany your baby for a long time, high chairs are very practical and durable. Their height can be changed to adapt to different tables: kitchen worktop, dining table, coffee table in the living room.
For eating, colouring or even playing, children can sit comfortably anywhere. Highchairs can accompany your baby throughout his or her childhood.

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