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Marie’s 6 Decorating Tips


Preparing your baby's room is already creating a place for them in your family.
A little nest, soft and welcoming.

My #1 tip is: stay sober, think useful and functional.
For a serene and soothing atmosphere, you should not overcrowd the room.
Choose the furniture carefully according to your needs and the space available.
Many solutions are available to you, for sleeping, washing or storage.
Take the time to discover folding, scalable, wall-mounted or just designer furniture to find the ones that will suit you best.

My advice n ° 2: Place each piece of furniture wisely.
Once the furniture has been chosen and purchased, it is a matter of positioning it correctly in the room.
First of all, the bed is the most important because it is the place where your baby will spend the most time.
Not too close to a window for moderate light, and not too close to the door either to avoid noise.
A central position, along a wall with no opening, is quite ideal as it also leaves a clear view from the crib.
The changing table should always be close to the storage areas so that you have everything on hand without ever leaving your baby.
And if you have the space, a comfortable armchair near the bed will be really appreciated for comfortable nighttime feedings or bottles for you and your baby.

My advice n ° 3: choose a theme and stick to it!
For a harmonious decor, it is important to choose a theme for the bedroom.
Look through decoration magazines and ask yourself a few questions:
What atmosphere do I want?
Scandinavian, Tropical, Ethnic, Art Deco, Manga or even Industrial, all styles are possible.
Do you prefer soft colors or bright colors?
Patterns or rather plain?
Once the theme has been chosen, each time you see a decorative element that you like, ask yourself “does this work with what I have planned?”
You will see, it will be much simpler and you will inevitably obtain a harmonious and coherent room for your little one.

My advice n ° 4: color is life!
Color is an important element both for decoration and for your baby's development.
Choose it according to the theme of the room and favor pastel tones for a soft and soothing atmosphere.
I often mix a neutral paint base (white, cream, ecru, very light gray) with a colored wall section.
The little tip is to apply the color to the best-lit wall in the room – the one facing the window. The room thus retains all its luminosity and the color reveals the true depth of its hue.
In any case, stay reasonable and do not multiply the colors.
And don't forget that color can also be added in small touches, thanks to decorative accessories.

My advice n ° 5: focus on decorative accessories.
Decorative accessories are your best allies for creating an ambiance, a personalized atmosphere.
Although they are not recommended in a baby's bed, textiles are nevertheless very useful for decorating the room.
Baskets, rugs and curtains, in addition to adding touches of color, greatly improve the acoustics of the room.
They avoid resonance effects and contribute to a more subdued, softer sound environment.
Storage boxes, toy boxes and round-shaped mobiles are all possibilities to personalize the space and make it your own.
But don't overdo it, sobriety must remain your best friend! 😉

My advice n ° 6: multiply the light sources.
You have the furniture,
you have the colors,
you have the decorative accessories,
All you're missing is the lighting!
These are essential elements to completely finalize the atmosphere of the room.
I always advise varying the light sources.
A central light is essential to ensure good lighting during moments of activity and awakening with your baby.
In addition, add several low intensity lamps placed far enough from the bed to provide indirect lighting.
They will allow you to vary the brightness of the room by turning on one, two or three, depending on the needs of the moment.

Come on, now it's your turn!

see you very soon to discover the trend books.